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One day I got a call from a woman named Julie.  She called to tell me that (in her words) “between your book and sessions with my nutritional expert, I was able to cure my son of autism.”   She actually took the time to call me to tell me my book, ‘You Can Heal Your Kids!’, enabled her to take empowered, focused action in restoring her son Jake’s health.  I can't tell you how happy that call made me and how it made me more determined than ever to get the fact that YOU can heal your kids, out to moms across the world. ---

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Your Child's Health Condition Could be Caused

by What They Are:

Eating   *   Breathing   *   Touching

You Owe It to Them To Find Out!

Few people realize sustance sensitivites can be a common causeof many chronic physical & mental conditions.

You can become the expert when you take the You Can Heal Your Kids Class! Chock full of Bonus Tips, Tools & Techniques NOT in the book!

(And imagine how cool you'll look to your friends when you show them what you can do!)

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IDENTIFY - via a method frequently used by a variety of health care practitioners.

Identify &


REPROGRAM - using a clinically-proven technique to shift the brain's response to stressors.

What Are Food & Environmental Sensitivities?

You Owe it to Them to Find Out!

Could Food / Environmental Sensitivities  Be Effecting Your Family's Health?